When one thinks of the “703”, DC / VA hip hop scene, pay close attention to Avery (@THE703) a vocally gifted musician. This July 10th, 1990 California born currently resides in the DC / VA area and has effortlessly been wooing local and international audiences through his mixtapes and collaborations. Four years of being highly motivated in the music industry has propelled Avery to his next big project. This amazing, lyrical genius plans on taking his new mixtape “Everything Loud” to the ears of old and new fans of all demographics.

He has executed a promotional plan that has sparked wide international attention with the help of Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and internationally known mixtape hosting website DatPiff. Seriously, the sound of his music is a crazy, emotional rollercoaster ride that takes Avery to heights of the new music wave. He’s socially conscious of his inspirational artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. Their beats and modern musical style is reflective in his overall development. However, new fans can still identify with his unique ability to stand out from the average artist.

Family support is Avery’s greatest motivation for success. His critics are his twin brother and older sister. “I know it sounds cliché but I have to say my parents are my biggest supporters. No matter what I want to do my parents are fully supporting my movement. Ha, ha, ha my Mom even bumps my mixtape.” Currently Avery is not signed to a label and “Couch Money” commonly referenced in the social world as “Couch Money Living” is the lead management team propelling his mainstream image.

In the next five years Avery will have finished a college Business Degree and hopes to develop his brand of clothing and apparel through the spread of current and future music projects. “I’m glad I turned the boom box on that day and heard ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’, Honestly money is my secret motivation. Hearing that song and singing it on my $15 radio shack microphone I thought I was really cool. Now I’m recording records in million dollar studios. I’m going to continue by any means necessary to give back to the people around me and make sure we are always comfortable.”

For more information on Avery visit and download his latest mixtape “Everything Loud”.